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Five Article Series: How I evaded Life-Crisis by going back to the Kindergarten

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[Upcoming 5 Article Series- starting 7th December’2017]

It was a Monday morning and I had already snoozed my morning 5 times.
I had no specific plans – either to go to the office or staying in bed and doing something meaningful.
To squeeze the long story short, I was not having what people call ‘the peppy life’ and now I was guilty of it.

The alarm clock that day knocked my soul off the self imposed slumber.

Reality Check
(Actually, I always aspired for it but never had it since the time I remember being an adult.
I was just sailing through with a deviation here and a distraction there.
May be most of us do?)

One of my friends said, “Maybe you are asking too much?”
(Is wanting to be happy asking for too much?)

Long long ago, I used to be happy, curious, had friends (not just work friends, REAL friends) and was high on life  –

If my memory is not failing me it was when I was in the kindergarten.

This time I decided to go back and volunteer at the family-run kindergarten and dig out ‘The Secret’.

I found five, there may be more but these five helped me evade life crisis faster than I expected:

Mojo of Small Things presents:
A five Article Series on

‘How I evaded life crisis by going back to the kindergarten’.

[Coming Thursdays and Saturdays]

Life Saving Lesson 01: Go Play (Published)

Life Saving Lesson 02: Be Real (Published)

Life Saving Lesson 03: Love What You do (upcoming)

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