5 Steps : ’Starting with a Solution Oriented Mindset

Solution Oriented Mindset by Mojo of Small Things

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‘Sometimes not having a problem can be your biggest problem’.

It may become normal for your ever-evolving life or your ever-growing enterprise to witness the status quo’s getting challenged and boundaries getting regularly redefined.

Such situations can usher you into the zone wherein tough decisions are required to be made.

A leader is expected to hold the sail, make a decision and take the boat through the rocky patch.

The burden can be huge and chances of making an error and getting away with it – ‘minuscule’.

[The organization here can easily be replaced with a team or a family].

Whether you are a leader or not, you need to lead things.

Do these 5 things for unleashing a solution oriented mindset and getting a solution without bruising egos.
The ‘mojoofsmallthings’ presents:  5 must-dos’ When a decision is to be made:

Don’t sit when you are hungry, angry, distracted or tired.

Solution oriented mindset is rare and relies on a focused approach to problem-solving. You need to be present, give time, and not rush for a better solution.
Trying to find a solution when something else is taking all your attention, may not be the best thing to do.
Eat some but not much, listen to your favorite music and come prepared.
This is the least you can do (and must do).

People and Problems are two different things.

This is one of the best things you can bring on to the table after trust.
Understanding and believing that people and problems are two different things and should be dealt with differently will make your life easy and solutions more likely.
Problems need to be solved and people need to be understood.

Bring trust and open mind on to the table.

Pessimism, biases, and lack of trust can emerge as the biggest hurdle to the solution.
Bring in trust and an open mind before you bring in your notepad.

Believe that solution can come from anywhere

Believing that solution can come from anywhere can open unforeseen vistas for you and your enterprise.
Discarding a solution because it didn’t come from where it was not expected
(despite its merit) is equivalent to an organizational harakiri.

Create Solutions and not FOEs

Getting personal while discussions can actually take you away from the solution.
Being polite, objective and solution oriented can be your real contribution despite what kind of wing-man you are.


Happy Solving !

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