4 Ways for taking Your Passion to the Next level!

04 Steps for Taking Your Passion to the next level. with Mojo of Small Things.

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Welcome to the World of Passion – A world where everything is possible and wherein you can become your best self.

You know that, but you are still sitting, standing and lying wherever you are right now.

It will be great to Walk the Path of Passion!
Travel, Write a Book, Create Your Company, Sing-dance-Create Art, Make this world a better place.
But why are you still not doing something about it?

Many amongst us fail to chase our passions because we don’t know how to go ahead?

Preparing for the PASSION JOURNEY?
Know your HOW, Remove distractions, find your focus and Just Start.

Mojo of Small Thing Presents 4 4 Ways for taking Your Passion to the Next level!

1. Produce a lot of Work

‘Doing has a magic that wishing cannot ignite’

When you produce a lot of work, you do yourself a favour.
Not only it creates a repository you can always get back to and improve,
It prepares and trains your mind to get into the habit of ‘Doing the Work’.

The habit of doing more work means you ‘create your pipeline’ and are able to seek support.

‘I plan to do XYZ’ is neither a head turner nor a good starting point for your journey.

2. Join a Community

Being around passion-driven people (“The DOERS’”) is THE NITRO-BOOSTER for your passion journey.

It is going to help you:

Find what is going on?
How are people doing what they are doing?
Discovering that you are not alone.
Get ideas and Get safely vulnerable.

Join a local community and don’t get into being a big fish in the small pond.
Remember: The Entire World is your POND.

3. Find Mentors

So you have started doing the work, Now is the time to go out and seek help.

Seek help to find your voice if you feel you don’t have it yet and amplify it if you feel you have one.

In other words: Everyone who is worth something had someone who trusted in them and influenced them.

Go ask the question: ‘ How do you think I can get better’?

Listen to them but don’t follow aimlessly.

Having a mentor means you have something to go to when you are short of answers and when the going gets tough.
Producing lot of work means that your voice won’t get feeble over time, and you can utilize your mentor’s expertise to make this world a better place.

4. Let your Imagination RUN WILD.

You are producing a lot of work, you have mentors and you have a community: Now comes the magic ingredient.

The ingredient that you need to put into the whole recipe so that doesn’t become a PLAIN VANILLA in the ice cream parlour of Passion- Let your ‘IMAGINATION run WILD’.

The core is just let go of your fears and produce a lot of work.


Keep doing the good work, help those who come to you and stay humble.

Welcome to the World of Passion.

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