Making Your Resolutions to Stick: Preparation Phase 02

making your resolutions stick preparation phase 02 mojo of small things

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Hope you are struggling with the Resolution Prep 01.
If you are not struggling (at least a bit), you are not trying.

While the Prep 01 was designed to help you become alert and feel good, the Prep 02 is designed to help you gain focus and start feeling good about yourself.

The coming four steps may seem rather out of the league of what resolutions are made up of,
Trust us – they will act as the building blocks of any resolutions you would love to stick to.

Mojo of Small Things presents 04 Building Blocks that will prepare you for an year of your choice and design.
Remember: The Small Things we do are the Big Things.

Building Block 01:
Learning to disconnect

Devices are the opium of our generation (and the ones still on earth).

Not only they have altered how we see the world, they have also altered how we connect with it.
The economic and social ramifications are visible but ignored,
The personal ones are known and ignored.

Remember: These devices and their ecosystems are designed to become addictive.
So when you are spending your most productive time on a device:
You are losing and a company is winning.

What you need to do now?

  • Buy an alarm clock, a wrist watch, a notebook, colorful pens-
  • USE them to write your ideas and tasks.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode and away when you sleep.
  • Go ON-line with an agenda and then go offline once thing are over.
  • Your email IN-BOX is not instant messenger service.

Building Block 02:
Reduce Clutter

Got an extra pair of shoes that don’t fit anymore or you won’t like to wear?
Give them away.

Clothes that won’t fit anymore?
Give them away.

You don’t need more than you actually need.

You can always gather stuff and that’s how economies boom (huh?),
but then buy what is necessary, crucial and functional.

It will also free you of three things:
Space, mental & cognitive space (bye bye decision fatigue) and recurring maintenance costs.

What you need to do now?

  • De-clutter your wardrobe,
  • De-clutter your work-desk,
  • De-clutter your refrigerator,
  • De-clutter your work-bag,
  • De-clutter your phone book,
  • De-clutter your document cabinet,
  • De-clutter your relationships and what all you can.Operate on less- do more.

Building Block 03:
Decide your uncompromisable(s)

Here comes the most crucial one – Decide your uncompromisable(s).

Spending time with yourself, your family, taking care of your health,not eating out for health and pocket reasons, saving money – what ever it is.

What you need to do now?

Decide your uncompromisable(s) tangibly (make simple rules) and then make them stick deliberately (every time).

Want to meet friends?
Don’t go to a movie or shopping- go hiking or to a museum.

Want to make good food choices?
Buy good stuff, stock your pantry, eat a little less than you did last year and eat at home.

We recommend that you decide your uncompromisable(s) on a weekend (when you are relaxed)

Building Block 04:
Start saying NO

Tough part, when you say no – you make space for the yes that will be good for you.

Saying no is tough because we don’t have our uncompromisable(s)in place.

When your plate is full, it is easy to say no to an extra helping.

When you have your uncompromisable(s)in place, these things happen:

  1. You are busy with stuff that needs to be done.
  2. You are moving ahead and are more confident
  3. You send a signal – I know what I am doing.

These three signals will help you set the base of saying no without feeling guilty.

What you need to do now?

Start with Saying No to:

  • an extra helping of desserts,
  • an extra round of drinks,
  • food that is not good for you,
  • small talk that won’t make you smarter and kinder,
  • People who are toxic.Rest will start falling in place soon.

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Note: We have decided to plant as little hyperlinks as possible inside the text (until unless absolutely necessary) – so as to help you focus.

Phase 03 coming soon:

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