Making Your Resolutions Stick: Preparation Phase 01

Resolutions to work- prepare mojo of small things

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Welcome to the resolution season.

The time when resolutions are made- made with the determination that we will be able to keep them and hope that they lead to an year like never before.
The Year full of of health, happiness, freedom and prosperity.

Resolution die and they don’t die a natural death.
We kill them by not being prepared to turn them into routines and subsequently habits.

So for your resolutions to work throughout the year- you need to work on them before you take them, In short, you need to be prepared.

We have designed a 3 week plan for you to help you lead a better, healthy and more meaningful year.
They are tested and yes they work.

These parts will help you be prepared for making resolutions work.
The design demands least effort (they are not shortcuts – they are keystone levers,making other good things easy to adopt) and with each subsequent step you are better prepared for your resolution journey.

Preparation can help you beat- THE TOP 03 REASONS WHY RESOLUTIONS FAIL?

  1. We almost always micro-plan
    We tie time, date, place and method with what all we want to accomplish.
  2. We skip thinking through habits that are going to sabotage our resolutions.
  3. We invite critics on board rather than collaborators.

Mojo’s Resolution Rule 01:
When you are alert, healthy and satisfied –
resolutions have more likelihood of turning into habits that will pay long term.

It is not a good idea to start your resolution journey when the party season is on, and here is the logic –
Distractions are at their peak and you will find it tough to get collaborators on board.

Start on January 5th
(no specific reason – but the hangover, bloating, travel and leftovers are mostly taken care of by then) .

Here is Phase 01 for you!

The Phase 01 has 04 Things you can start doing today, that will make you happier, better and healthier in long run.

We will term these things as keystone to what is about to come – they are easy to do, prepares you for next 02 phases and will have lasting changes.

Keystone 01:
Taking care of your Dental hygiene.

Take care of your teeth.
Not only you will feel more confident and fresh, the food will taste better.
You save money on dental visits, and more importantly.
You will become a role model for your younger cousins and kids around.
Brush, floss and eat no sticky sugar at least.

Keystone 02:
Hydrate more.

Drink more water.
Perks: Better metabolism, you will be alert, shining and kicking.
Water is water – coffee is not water.
‘Count- Carry – Consume’ is the golden rule of staying hydrated.
Some say drink before you are thirsty, others say your urine should be clear.
No matter what logic appeals you, remember that the body has a mechanism to get rid of excess water, but not other way round.

Keystone 03:
Eat more Roughage (especially when you are partially hungry)

Simple: Eat Roughage and fiber.
Don’t go for the ‘SALAD’ things, that has anything except the veggies or fruits.
You will be more alert and you will have less temptation to eat what is not good for you.
Eat seasonal, Eat fresh, Eat more colors.

(OK! We mentioned less, not ZERO).

Keystone 04:
Take a longer walk.

Since you are already drinking more water – it will guarantee you more visits to the rest room.
Choose to walk more (and keep increasing slowly- don’t worry we are not secretly preparing for the Ultra-marathon) and sit less.
Take the stairs and go to the park.
You will be more creative, healthy and beaming with energy.

Is that all?

Yes, that is all.

Coming Soon: Making your Resolutions Stick :Phase 02
The Phase 02 & 03 will cover – Making Habits stick and getting Collaborators on board.

Note: We have decided to plant as little hyperlinks as possible inside the text (until unless absolutely necessary) – so as to help you focus.

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