How to lead an Exceptional Life (work included)? – Mojo’s ‘2 Steps a Day Principle’

Mojo of Small Things

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If you are not getting better every day, you are being unjust to yourself.

The litmus test of an exceptional life is ‘getting better every day’.
Exceptional life is made up of consciously & deliberately  ‘Raising your standards and preparing to meet them every day relentlessly’.

Once you decide to lead an exceptional life-

  1. Your impact on the world amplifies– you become better at what you do. You become a better parent, a better spouse, a better social citizen and better at work.
  2. You start impacting more people – you start impacting more people. You touch more people meaningfully and for good.

Leading an exceptional life is not only rewarding, it is doable too. If you are wondering how do I start? Here is the answer – Mojo’s 2 Steps a day Principle.

Mojo’s 2 Steps a Day Principle: Quality of your life will depend on how you start and finish your day.

First Step: Starting Your Day: Make Yourself FIT

Suggestion: Pick up a Fitness routine and stick to it. Truth: Picking up routines is tough and continuing them tougher. No wonder that almost all the New Year resolutions die an early death.

MOJO Trick: Focus on moving as much as you can- all you need to do is get out of your bed, wear your training gear and start moving – walk, cycle, climb, swim, lift or whatever: Just do something. Even if you have 15 minutes (ok we know, you pressed SNOOZE twice), still move.

Once you make movement part of your day, you can find time later. Conventionally we try to find time first and then try to move (No wonder it fails). The routines that you enjoy or perceive to be easy will survive; and will eventually go on autopilot. Making oneself fit CANNOT WAIT period.

Second Step: Winding up Your Day: Make Yourself WISE

Suggestion: Read something that moves you and makes you wiser daily. Truth: Most of us are too tired to read something at the end of the day.

MOJO Trick: Find your heroes. Read their works. Not only this will provide you with a perspective, it will also help you make better decisions.

Don’t read what others are reading, Read what will make YOU better. READ.

Remove obstacles and decisions while on your way to take these steps.

Un-complicate and carry your fitness gear. Design a dedicated time for reading.

If you don’t put in your UNCOMPROMISABLE basket, it won’t happen.

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