For an INSANELY PRODUCTIVE WEEK- Do these 4 Things on a SUNDAY

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You would agree for sure that ‘Mondays are tough’ because they come too early and we are almost never prepared.

Have you ever made a wish that the weekend was longer? I made it long ago but not anymore.

It changed when I discovered a routine that not only made my Sundays more joyful but the ensuing week more productive.

Here is the catch,
Mojo’s law of Longer Weekend: the longer the weekend, more gruesome the first workday of the week is going to be.

This happens because of two reasons-
First, We follow a different routine on a weekend than on weekdays (we all love those lazy days),and
Second, What we do on weekends never prepares us for the coming week.

You can now UNDO what can possibly stop you from being more productive,

Mojo of Small Things’ brings you 4 step routine that will make your Sundays joyful and weekdays productive. Here we go:

Step 01: Prepare your Wardrobe

Yes, you read it right.  Get all the clothes that you are going to wear in the coming week to work – washed, dried, ironed and arranged.  It seems trivial but it is not. You will have to do it, whether you do it daily or weekly. Doing it in one go – unleashes the power of batching (a major time saver), and if preplanned you can also outsource some of your laundry (we don’t recommend it though).
How does it help?

Having your wardrobe arranged frees your mornings from a major hassle of getting ready impeccably.

This means you will have more time for a walk, reading or doing whatever you like and you will always be on time.

Step 02: Read (something that interests you)

Almost all the smart people do it (read or listen to an audio book), or maybe because they read they are smart?
(No wonder, Newspapers on Sundays are hefty and fully loaded).

Reading something that interests you helps you become better in three ways:
First, it makes you confident (if you are really interested, you will know more about something as compared to people in your group),
, you will be able to start a conversation when the time arises,
Third, if you are helpful and not arrogant, people will come seeking advice from you.
People love those who are passionate.

Bonus:  Consistent learning help builds more neural connections, making you smarter.

Step 03: Workout in the evening

Yes, in the evening. But who works out on a Sunday?
This is the most crucial piece of advice on this page and the reason goes like this:
Because you had a lazy day and you obviously might have caught few naps here and there- ‘You will find it tough to sleep at night’.

There cannot be a worse start of a week than waking up under-slept (and under-prepared) on a Monday.

Schedule a ‘Workout on a Sunday’ evening – go to the park with your family and get active.
This will release all the good hormones (dopamine and endorphins), cheer up your mood, bring you all closer (keep your phones aside) and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Step 04:Decide your Uncompromisable(s)

CATCH: Don’t assume you will be able to succeed at it from the very first attempt
(but when you do, you will be much happier than you thought).

Dinners with family, Morning walks (or evening, whatever suits you), Switching off from office when you come home, reading for an hour before you go to bed (or before you start your day), saying no to white sugar. Whatever is it, DECIDE and plan to implement it.

Why has this to be planned on a weekend? Because, we encourage you to seek help- from your spouse and family.

Yes, that is one way you will increase your likelihood of success.
You might be wondering – we forgot to mention friends here.

Mingle up with friends on Saturdays. Call them home and order something together.
Is that all?
Yes, and we promise you, Such Sundays will ensure that you have insanely productive weekdays.

Stay tuned for more on Good Life- One Day at a time.

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