Design a ‘Productive Week’ by doing these things on a Weekend

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Looking forward to a weekend is what helps many people sail through an otherwise boring and unsatisfying week.

The usual weekend plan is actually ‘doing nothing’, and just laze around.

This works for a day but robs you of two things – the upcoming weekday efficiency and an opportunity to discover ‘Super LIFE’.

One reason most people don’t take weekends seriously from a productivity point of view is- they don’t have an agenda (they hate this A-Word- all thanks to their cubicle life).

Not anymore, you can now design your week even before it starts.

These weekend habits can actually help you grow holistically and take charge of the upcoming week.

Mojo of Small Things presents –
‘Design a ‘Productive Week’ by doing these things on a weekend’

Make your list of ‘Connect & Disconnect’.
Connect with Friends, passion, volunteering or following a hobby.
Disconnect from Work, Stress, negativity or a daily routine.

Understand what constitutes an emergency– to help design your family and ‘me-time’.

Batch your week around few key activities:
Look at a week as 168 hours and start making commitments.
Commit some time to yourself too.

Wake up early, listen to music and go active (sometimes alone and sometimes with friends).

Reach out people, you always wanted to – call, email or just plan a meal (a lunch).

Write appreciation messages, Say thanks and job well done.

Sleep on regular weekday slots, once you have disconnected the same sleep quota will make you feel fresh.


Go to community service – helps you connect and be humble.

Learn a Skill that makes your life better (by helping you do more, be more, make an impact and be happy).

Explore your ‘Do it yourself (DIY)’ mode.

Clean Up and Prepare for the week ahead.Do it on Saturday and rest 6 days will be a glide

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