About Mojo of Small Things

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Mojo of Small Things was born to bring back the magic of ‘Small Things’, hence ‘Small things that we do are the big things’.

Mojo believes that life that you aspire for, is not made up of big things.

The ‘so called small things’ like a hug from a loved one, the wind playing with your body (hence making you feel alive), the love (that is patient and undying) , the feeling of being cared for, warm food on the plate when you are hungry, a cozy bed when you want to sleep and more importantly those opportunities to make life better for someone else and make an impact- are the things that make life worth living.

Mojo also believes in being prepared for a good life if you want to live it. Do a little everyday and it becomes big eventually.

Mojo talks about Work, Impact, Family and Good Life.

Start doing what works for you – We have a lot of what works
(all that we post is tried and tested – Not much random over night thoughts).


A life well lived is an adventure in itself.
Mojo of Small Things is about pursuing your adventure by making small tweaks in how you work & how you look at  your life.

You can lead a better life :

  • By picking up routines and mindsets best suited to you (more importantly to your purpose and calling);
  • By moving from attention to focus to deep work so that you can create the work of your life and put yourself in the zone of hyper-productivity (deliberately);
  • By experiencing The Power of ‘law of ‘Small-Sure-Slow’  to ensure that you make maximum and long-lasting impact.


Sharing is caring!