4 Power Routines for a Better Work Day !

Mojo of small things

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Our life is made up of the days we are able to make an impact, and one of the ways to do that is to run the day and not let the day run you. The ‘mojoofsmallthings‘ brings you 4 power routines that will put you on a path of having a better work day every day.

Routine 01: Move your body

“We were made to walk miles and hunt a saber-tooth”, moving your body out of your work chair and your bed is one of the best things you can do have a good work day. Choose a routine you enjoy and find a partner. This will not only have you less cramps and better spine, it will cheer up your mood, get you friends and can unleash your mind’s idea center. No wonder Newton got the idea of gravity outside his class. 

Routine 02: Hydrate yourself

“Aerated drinks have water, but it is not water”. Your body is made up of water, so no wonder having adequate water makes you feel good. Drink enough to keep you alert and drink before you are hyper thirsty. Carry your water so that you can keep yourself hydrated and avoid frequent water cooler breaks (that’s where our third routine comes handy).

Routine 03: Detox your life

Lettings go of everything toxin in you life should be your primal agenda for a better day, on and away from work. 

Detox your body but also don’t forget to detox your life.

Don’t entertain people if all they talk about is other people. Make it a habit to tell others that you don’t want to talk about something (that makes you uncomfortable) and then don’t talk about it. Learn to walk out and make yourself busy productively. If someone and something is bothering you, its better to talk to them/talk about it directly. Anything that robs your sleep is to be dealt with.

Routine 04: Find Focus and show gratitude

The most potent recipe for a great day is to ‘find focus and show gratitude’. Which simply means – ‘ BE here Now and BE thankful’ (intentional: Being is a state, Doing is an act). When you choose to be present without distractions, it helps you perform well, boosts mood and connect with where you should, on the other hand being thankful will de-clutter your mind of judging things otherwise. 

Tough to do but being mindful of this will help you reach your performance peak very soon.

The recipe for a better work day is not elusive anymore.

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