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Make this Year Your Year: ‘Be More of What is Good’ Charter.

Make this Year Your Year:  ‘Be More of What is Good’ Charter.

Days are small, but years are big.

Welcome to the New Year- a Year which could very well be Your Year.

A year wherein you will by design- direct your potential towards what you aspire to become, be more patient to take that journey (the journey is the reward), find love and joy almost everywhere (in ordinary).

But that is not going to happen until you become more of what is good for you.

It will demand from you that you move out of your comfort zone, but doing that without a plan is going to be exhausting, clueless and unrewarding.

A plan is going to be better, A Charter is going to be Amazing.
(Sign a Charter with yourself)

Mojo of Small Things Presents the ANNUAL ‘Be More of What is Good’ Charter.

The charter includes 05 Qualities you need to embrace this year to unleash the life that you won’t only find rewarding, but also the one that will put you on a path of being happier.

Be more Patient.

Be more patient with people, their reactions, and situations (not for them, but for yourself).
You don’t have to drink down the anger potion but understand that if it is not life and death thing- it is not as big as you are making it.
Being more patient helps you understand life and come back to people and situations smarter. (solution mindset)

Be more Helpful

This year, help people grow and become the best version of themselves.
Mentor the ones you can do justice to (justice to their potential), volunteer, help raise funds, help people live a life of dignity. In short, Help without expecting things in return.

On the surface, this may not look like a deal. Whether you call it karma or you take evidence from research: The Givers are THE WINNERS.

They win friends before they have or need to seek help.They end up creating an aura of ‘being approachable’ around them and they learn to live without many expectations (Now here is the deal- isn’t it?).

Be More Loving

In love, say it.
In awe, express it.

Now for many, this may seem like an ultimate ‘attraction and excitement killer’ – it is not.
Once you have expressed it (obviously subtly), you can go and move on to get other thing done.

Those who are meant for you will find a way to stay in your life.
Those who are in there for things and benefits will find a way out on their own (for good).

Not only Moving on to other things makes your life interesting, it will also help you become more of what you always wanted to be (and eventually meet someone who makes sense in your life).
Not being loving is not good for your soul.

Be More Ambitious.

Since you are patient, helpful and loving – this one comes rather easily and is evident.

Be ambitious about what you want out of life (without being ruthless).

Get a better body,
Work to find a skill set that will help you become more, do more and help more.
Chart out a career that you will wear as a batch of honor and will make you happy.

Work towards creating a relationship that is fulfilling and not draining, one that is based on co-creating a good life and one that is not based on things (A relationship is always a work in progress and never runs on an autopilot).

Be More Caring

If you look around, you will realize that Care is the new Super-Power (obviously not the only one, but a bigger one). Whether it is companies, families or leaders – ones who care are reaping benefits in terms of better workplaces, families, and teams.

Care more than what others feel is OK – what is Just OK with the world is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

So as you enter more into the New year – Let go of the linear, ordinary and old.
No made a good year and a good life with OK, normal and not so more of What is Good for you!

More of It coming soon

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