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‘Regain Your Focus’ at Work with these 2 Daily Hacks

‘Regain Your Focus’ at Work with these 2 Daily Hacks

Remember the times, when you used to go out and play with your friends as a kid !
Hunger, weather, homework, fear – nothing could distract you from the “PLAY”.

The Secret of that focus is no longer a secret.

Mojo of Small Things ‘ brings you 2 hacks that will help you regain that child-like focus.

The child-like focus is the ‘super-power’ we need to regain to lead a richer life,
and here is how it works:

Kids are good at two things – they are curious and they are tenacious.

As we grow up, we loose these two traits because of the following reasons –

  1. We spread ourselves too thin, assuming that everything on our plate is equally important
    (if that’s the case, then nothing is ‘really important’)
  2. We give ourselves too many temptations (at arm’s length) to help us deviate
    (yeah the cardinal sin for those who plan to be more productive)

On the contrary kids, by default avoid these pitfalls when going outdoors to play.

Here are 02 Daily Hacks to ‘Regain Your Focus’ at Work

Hack 01: Coming ONLINE, with an agenda

“Being online is now more frequent than being yourself”

The internet has so much to offer that you can spend days and days doing nothing over there, while your work will keep screaming for attention.

‘Go Online’ with an agenda and don’t deviate’.
if you want to do research for your project, make payments, respond to emails – just pick a slot, log in, do it and get out.

You may feel that, less time online will mean less work, but that’s what Focus does to you – more relevant work – in less time. (more of it in upcoming posts)

The extension of this hack is ‘BE here now’ that is , where-ever you are, just be there.

So no screen hopping and no 24- hour being online.  ‘You need You’ more that anyone else.

Your friends will appreciate the plan and you will be able to flex your creativity muscle.

Hack 02: Start Writing a Journal 

“When you write something, you move one step closer to making it real”

Keeping a journal – of things you would like to get accomplished or how thankful you are of what all you are blessed with – can make you a productivity super-star sooner than you could imagine.

‘ Journal what you feel is important and then keep improvising’

Over days of practice, you will gain a sense of what qualifies to go in your journal and thus deserves your attention.
For the first few days, write almost everything you feel is important for a productive day
(what to get done, whom to meet and all),
and slowly the list will become more rational.

Getting things done is sort of fun, especially the things that matter.

Rules that help shape your day are the ones that will help shape your life.
You are what you do daily.


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