How letting go of these 3 Things made my Life Better

I was struggling with fragmented focus and frequent mood dips (not to highlight a sluggish version of me).

When the day gets hectic,focus becomes crucial.

While the problem persisted and intensified, I tried and got tired of finding the perfect solution.

In the middle of my (tentatively last) self designed search for a workable solution, I decided to try the unconventional.

Conventional: The solution comes with adding something in.
Unconventional: The solution may also start with eliminating few things.

I tried, experimented, discussed, read and came up with the following three things to start with.

They worked then and continue to work now.
I am happier, active and more composed.

Mojo of Small Things presents- ‘ How letting go of these 3 things made my life better’.

Let go of ‘24 hour mindless Internet Access’

Agreed! We as a society are on the verge of declaring ‘Internet a commodity’, and being available on-line all the day has become the new normal.
But if you look minutely – our maximum active Internet usage is far far less than 24 hours (yeah, the duration we are on-line daily).
We are on the cusp of replacing thinking with browsing & searching.

When I experimented to let go of 24 hours Internet Access, these things happened:

  1. I had no incentive to look at my phone every 5 minutes – I became mentally uncluttered
  2. I was able to design the schedule and mode for people trying to communicate with me.
  3. With limited Internet access slots (communicated to friends) I was able to filter invaluable content from my content appetite.

Was it easy? NO,
Was It worth it? YES.

I was able to let go of the urgency to come online and a realization that I was not missing much
(rather a focused search yields more relevant results)

(upcoming: Action Plan for Controlling Vitamin- I(nternet))

Let go of ‘White Sugar’

(This step is part of a bigger self mission: Letting go of Boxed food- idea courtesy: Micheal Pollan)
It started with a sugar stock-out at home, when I realized that I was rather addicted to what can potentially emerge as the biggest killer (diabetic deaths).

I decided to not replenish the stock and do away with it and these things happened:

  1. I was not craving for sugar anymore (it died slowly and with self control), everything tasted a little sweet
  2. My energy levels went consistent (on the higher side of course)
  3. I went more alert

I do consume sugar here and there in desserts but now I ensure that I walk an extra mile
(I am no walking junkie, an extra mile just reminds me to go slow on sugar intake).

Let go of Sitting

‘We generate fears while we sit, We overcome them by action’- Dr. Henry Link

We either sit or lie down most part of our day.
Trust me, it is killing us softly (not only physically, but socially too.
Half of your body misses out on healthy blood supply when you sit.

I decided to move owing to stiff shoulders and back (sedentary lifestyle) and it all changed:

  1. I became more active
    (no wonder! The silicon valley superstars are using standing desks and holding meetings while walking)
  2. My mood became better (obviously you have to avoid routes where you may bump into negative people)
  3. My metabolism became spruced up.

It was unconventional at my work-space initially, but since my overall efficiency went up – the overall result was and is a good life.

Good Life that is less distracted and more active.

Why don’t you start your Good Life Project today?

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