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Being Confident at Work in 5 Steps: A Quick Guide for an Underdog

Being Confident at Work in 5 Steps: A Quick Guide for an Underdog

Welcome to the World of Work that is ‘Hectic, Demanding and Challenging’.
The World where work has become critical and making an impact crucial.

I know you are an underdog but that should not stand between you and the type of success you aspire to achieve. What if we tell you that you can still make an impact: silently, surely and with authority.

All you need is Being Confident where it matters.

You read it right: Where it matters (don’t dispense your energy where you don’t need to- focus where it matters the most).

Mojo of Small Things presents
‘Being Confident at Work in 5 Steps: A Quick Guide for an Underdog.

The Confidence Code: Being in Control of What you are doing or going to do.

Find your niche

Not everyone can be an expert in every field and it is foolish to try to become one.
Expertise requires time, energy and deep involvement – it is not recommended to spread yourself too thin and learn just to compete.
The big boys will love you if you compliment them by becoming an expert in something they are not.
For a millennial- social media is one, mobilizing communities is another.
Look around and you will surely find a skill your organization is lacking or can’t have enough of.
Learn fast & massive, contribute without being greedy.

Do more of what you are good at and love doing (if it is a skill)

It will do two sure shot things-
help you connect with people who are passionate (passion is contagious) and help you find potential niche areas.
Don’t worry, if you really love it, it won’t exhaust you much.
Who knows, you may end up creating your lucky break here.

Start taking notes – action oriented

Losing information is potentially the biggest cardinal sin nowadays, so is losing instructions, motivation, and ideas.

Taking notes can help you access the spark in your mind (that got ignited during that brief moment in the meeting) and light up the world.
The real confidence comes from ‘being able to access just the right thing at the right time’- taking notes is ONE way to make that more likely.
I prefer using two inks and a lot of doodling while I take notes- the blue for the verbatim (the keywords) and red for what possibly I can do or explore (I also use green to write random ideas that I can access later on).
A lot of doodling keeps me interested and survive through those bouts of uninteresting moments.

Be present.

This is the single biggest determinant of how efficient and likable you can become at your workplace (many people fail to see it).
An attentive listener is not only smarter at the end of an interaction; he will be loved for being attentive.
In this world of scarce attention- being present is the biggest gift you can give your colleagues.
One sure shot advantage: they will come back to share their ideas (Voilà! You will be amongst the first ones to know).

Connect with people- smarter than you and in allied disciplines.

‘You are an average of five people you hang out with’- Jim Rohn

Do we need to say more?
Find people who are much smarter (and humble) and hang out with them.
You will end up learning fast and lead the pack once you enter your office.

Trust us that’s what you need to start and nothing more.

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