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5 things you must start doing, When you enter your 30’s!

5 things you must start doing, When you enter your 30’s!

Life is much more than the years it is made up of, it is more of what all you pack in these years.

Entering your 30’s is a big thing-
You have survived a lot many things and thrived despite, when many broke down on the way.

It signifies that you are stronger than you believe.

Entering your 30’s is a big thing –

You are almost midway you active working life and days of ‘designed growth’ are here.
The preparation for a ‘fast paced and a fuller life’ is here.

The Mojo of Small Things brings you the top 5 things you should start doing when you enter your 30’s.

Take care of your health.

Eat well and Hydrate
Know your food & take charge of what goes into your body
Practice self control
Go physically active- Go back to nature and meditate

Detox your relationships

Disconnect from virtual world and connect with real
Practice forgiveness
Say no to those who hurt you again and again

Rekindle your passions

Trust yourself that you can make an impact
Believe that everything is possible
Find your tribe

Create something bigger than yourself

(Sometimes you have to create what you want to be part of)
Find the purpose you want to fulfill/ what you would like to contribute to the society
Enrich your skill inventory- Learn and DIY (Do it Yourself)
Fetch a plan and get going.

Read more and be silent

Read autobiographies and contemplate
Practice silence – write a journal and revisit what you have written

Reclaim Life – after all 30’s is a nice place to be.

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