10+ Ways your Phone is depriving you of a Good Life

Using your phone is OK, but letting it use you is NOT.

There are more than 50% chances that you are reading this on your phone.
You being here also indicate that you want a better life (otherwise you would be busy living that).

Mojo believes that a good life can only come when you are present- involved- responding.

Creating such a life requires deliberate and conscious effort every day.

The Good news is – you can start creating a good life by putting some things in order.

Let us start with your digital life.

Having a very active digital presence comes at a cost and that is the type of life you lead.
We cannot talk about your digital life without paying homage to the MOST IMPORTANT device in your life – YOUR PHONE.

Mojo brings you 10 ways your phone is depriving you of a Great Life.

  1. You are not present
    In conversations especially.
  2. Virtual has become new real for you.
  3. You are always distracted-
    Your device can do many things, and most of them are designed to be addictive- which means that you may feel the urge to go back to your device in between tasks. This makes you lose focus especially when you should not.
  4. You feel there is an app for everything-
    There are APPS for everything – from counting your breaths to counting your calories.
    The tasks that can be solved with a pinch of self-discipline are now trusted on apps.
    It is good to be technology oriented but it is not ok to be technology-distracted.
  5. You seek approval for almost everything-
    Those thumbs-up mean a lot to you and you assume them to be a proxy of real praise.
  6. Keeping secrets is no longer glamorous for you.
  7. You are at loss of words almost every time.
  8. You have lost track of how important your privacy is.
  10. You are always running behind schedule-
    Because you spend more time where you should not have.
  11. You don’t remember the last time you REALLY SLEPT.
  12. You have stopped creating things with your hands (except edits, posts and tweets)
  13. You are always available – ALWAYS

Keep looking for this space for more.

Your Mojo
Mojo of Small Things.

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