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4 Power Routines that can help Save your day and make you more Productive !

4 Power Routines that can help Save your day and make you more Productive !

The world is made up of just two kinds of people, Top performers and others.
The difference between Top performers  and others boils downs to What they do daily.
So goes the old adage – ” You cannot change something about your life, if you cannot change something you do daily”.

No wonder that Top Performers like Jack Dorsey, Tim Cook, Bill Gates all are a big fans of routines.
Yes, You read it right.

What are Routines for and What do they do?
It is easy to press the Snooze, Not drink enough water, or keep beating yourself up with Old Mental Patterns.
What is not easy is to do the opposite, and care for oneself.
The cost?
The cost of doing what is easy is immense in terms of lost productivity and that ‘Always in there ANXIETY’.

Routines are the auto-pilot and no thinking required versions of getting things done and self care.
Routines are the building blocks of habits and what is acceptable to you.
They are deliberate and rewarding in long run (you may not love to get up early now, but this will make you more productive in long run).
Routines keeps you focused and don’t invite decision fatigue.
With Routines – You can run the day instead of the day making you run.

Let’s dive into 4 Power Routines that can help you start your day on a higher energy note and less inner conflict.
These 4 Power Routines that can help Save your day.

Routine 01: Move your body

“We were made to walk miles and hunt a saber-tooth”, moving your body out of your work chair and your bed is one of the best things you can do have a good work day.
The Chair can be the most lethal component in your entire office, and so is the bed when overused.
This will not only have you less cramps and better spine, it will cheer up your mood, get you friends and can unleash your mind’s idea center.
No wonder Newton got the idea of gravity outside his class.
You can do it before you go to the office (the workout? The Tim Cook Way – he wakes up at 3:45 am and  checks his emails and go cycling); While going to the office (the Jack Dorsey way – he walks to his office every day, 5 miles and it takes him a little more than an hour) or in the office (The Steve Jobs way)
You can walk while you talk to people, your brain is more active when you are moving. Steve Jobs used to hold meetings on a walk.
You can have a standing desk set up or you can just clean your workdesk while standing.
Choose a movement routine you enjoy and find a partner.
MOVE – Its a good thing to do.

Routine 02: Hydrate yourself

Now comes the number 02 -One of my friends told me this and I have gone all natural on what I put inside my body – “Aerated drinks have water, but it is not water”.
Beverages are easy to get your hands on and we usually end up consuming them more than we eat.
Your body is made up of water, so no wonder having adequate water makes you feel good.
Drink enough to keep you alert and drink before you are hyper thirsty.
Carry your water so that you can keep yourself hydrated and avoid frequent water cooler breaks (that’s where our third routine comes handy).
Carrying your water (or any hydration drink) can also save you money – you get less sick, you end up avoiding to pay for bottled water, and you are alert all day.

CONGRATULATIONS ! If you have decided to take care of the above two routines, the game is half won,
Now comes the mind and the heart. Yes, You cannot have a set of routines that doesn’t impacts you as a whole and make you productive in isolation.
Organizations tried that and they came to be known as Standard Operating Procedures (SoP’s) – The ones that leads to more conflict and less work.

Routine 03: Detox your life

The number 03: You are on the right track as far as it comes to your body. Now comes the mind and the heart.
Lettings go of everything toxin in you life should be your primal agenda for a better day, on and away from work.
Yes, you read it right.
All you need to get the right things in life is to first let go of all the wrong things.
Whether it is about the mindset, people you hang out with or the self sabotaging habits.

Detox your body but also don’t forget to detox your life.

Don’t entertain people if all they talk about is other people. (this is one of my cardinal rules of life too.)
Make it a habit to tell others that you don’t want to talk about something (that makes you uncomfortable) and then don’t talk about it.
Learn to walk out and make yourself busy productively.
If someone and something is bothering you, its better to talk to them/talk about it directly. Anything that robs your sleep is to be dealt with.

Routine 04: Find Focus and show gratitude

Ideally this should be the first one to embrace.
The most potent recipe for a great day is to ‘find focus and show gratitude’.
Which simply means – ‘ BE here Now and BE thankful’ (intentional: Being is a state, Doing is an act).
When you choose to be present without distractions, it helps you perform well, boosts mood and connect with where you should, on the other hand being thankful will de-clutter your mind of judging things otherwise. 

Tough to do but being mindful of this will help you reach your performance peak very soon.
You can start with writing a gratitude journal (all the things you are thankful about, if you are alive and breathing you will surely have things to be thankful for),
or Have a gratitude jar (wherein you can put what all good happened today, and soon you will find it be overflowing) – Read them when you are down.
Guided meditation, a solo walk or trek whatever works for you – DO that.
You can reserve this for the morning or mid-day when you are feeling over-whelmed.
Jack Dorsey is doing it, so is Tony Robbins – You name it and they have a process to find their focus back and gratitude overflowing.

Remember, though routines are personal there are some ground rules:
1. You got to put them in your UNCOMPROMISABLE’s list.
2. Prepare and remove all the distractions that can derail you from following a routine. If it means no phone in the bed and sleeping early – do it.
3. Hang out with non-slackers and they will become easy to do stuff.

Is that all?
Yes and NO.
Yes, because it helps.
The recipe for a better work day is not elusive anymore.
NO, because you got to do them. They only become auto-pilot if you allow them to be.

See you on the other side of being productive.

Much love
Mojo of Small Things

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