03 Calls you should make frequently (For a Good Life)

03 calls you should make more frequently mojo of small things

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It was a cold and silent Saturday night.
We, a bunch of friends ended up talking about ‘What regrets do you have’?
The question was profound and I just went deep into it.

I realized that few of Our biggest regrets are:
Words unsaid, potential not explored fully, and help not rendered when asked for.

Not only they are heavy on the soul, procrastination makes them heavier.
Many of us are so busy doing the rudimentary that we sideline what is important.
Important for our soul, growth and giving back.
(even If it is as simple as picking up a phone and just making a call.)

Mojo of Small Things presents- Three calls you should make frequently.

1) Call someone you love

Life is short and love is precious.

Call your parents, your partner, your cousins, your friends (old, real and timeless) –
Call if you feel like calling.
Don’t just put on your list and leave it unattended, that way- it is not going to do anyone any good.

If you are in the mindset that the other person will call you – hold on!
It’s neither a business deal nor a competition.
Grab the phone and make a call – don’t make long calls though. Call to decide where to meet

Ask: How was your day?

2) Call someone you admire and look up to as a mentor

Being vulnerable and seeking help can be your greatest superpower.

Most of us, won’t bother finding a mentor.
Successful people (in almost all the fields),do ensure that they apprentice under people they admire (Tony Robbins did that too).

Finding a mentor, and the act of surrender indicate that you are serious and hungry for growth.

Having a tough mentor won’t only help you fast pace your growth,
it will also keep you humble (in all likelihood).

Find a mentor and seek help.

You will outgrow your mentors someday,
Yeah! That will happen if you are growing faster and in the direction, you always wanted to(otherwise, the growth thing won’t persist).

Ask: Is my value compass pointing in the right direction?

3) Call someone who needs you.

Now your life seems on track and you are growing the way you supposedly)wanted to.

While this is happening, you will invite two kinds of people in your life:
the ones who will envy you and the ones who will admire.

To take care of those who envy you: Grow Faster
To take care of those who admire you: Help them grow faster.

There is no great feeling than you seeing your protege growing righteously.

Ask: What do you think is right, honest and true to you?

More of it coming soon.

In the meantime, just pick up a planner and enlist your 03 calls.

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